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Terms & Conditions

100% Transferable & Exchangeable Destinations

Seller’s acceptance of buyer’s purchase order is expressly made conditional on buyer’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of the sale contained in buyer’s purchase order as well as all resort terms and conditions pertaining to buyer’s order. Buyer understands that all package(s) purchased, as stated in this purchase order, are 100% transferable to a qualified person(s) and non-refundable. Buyer understands this is not a contest, lottery, or drawing. By giving us your payment information and billing address, you understand that your credit has been charged for the amount specified in this purchase order, and all sales are final. For general information, please contact us at 1-877-453-3210. Monday - Friday 10am-6pm (EST) or email us at INFO.DESTINATION21@GMAIL.COM.

When purchasing this travel package, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and expressly agreed to these Terms and

Conditions, without modification, intend to be legally bound by them and acknowledge and agree that they become part of your contract. Any payment made for a travel package offered to you by Destination Travel Group constitutes final; acceptance of these Terms and Conditions set forth herein. Destination Travel Group is registered with the State of Florida and functions under the Seller of Travel License that is ST42694.

Terms of Purchase

Purchaser understands and agrees that the full amount paid for this travel package is non-refundable but may be transferred to a qualified person(s). Please note that separate terms and conditions dictated by the applicable supplier and fulfillment company will apply to your purchase of products and services. You agree to abide by such terms and conditions, including payments of all amounts when due and compliance with the applicable suppliers’ policies, rules and restrictions regarding availability and use of package, products and services. You understand that any violation of any such supplier’s terms, conditions, policies, rules or restrictions may result in your forfeiting any monies paid for such reservation or purchase as well as assuming liability for any amount incurs as a result of such violation. You acknowledge that you will be responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments arising out of your purchase of the travel products from Destination Travel Group. Out of term cancellations (Less than a two week notice prior to check-in date) and if you fail to show up (NO SHOW) for a scheduled presentation you will automatically be charged a penalty of $175 USD per night to cover the retail rate of your stay, the preview presentation is a mandatory part of the vacation stay. I understand that any unused processed payments will be applied to future travel.


 Terms of Traveler

- All resorts in Europe and Asia offer a max stay of six or seven nights depending on promotion offered during the initial sales call, these destinations are non-inclusive.

- U.S Destinations offer a max stay of three nights unless otherwise stated in your invoice, in the customer information section, domestic destinations are non-inclusive. The following destinations will only allow three days and two nights; California, Miami, Hilton Head, and Colorado.

- All-Inclusive destinations (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica) Cover two adults and two children for the entire stay.

- At least one traveler in-group is within the age requirements of twenty-eight to seventy-five with a(n) minimum annual income of fifty thousand U.S dollars.

- All air, ground transportation, resort fees, taxes, booking fees and gratuities are the responsibility of the traveler unless otherwise stated in the package description.

- Customers cannot split days or use vacations consecutively; all separate vacation stays on the package are fully exchangeable for any destination available under our umbrella (refer to website for available destinations) and if exchanged it will be subject to the days and nights offered on that specific destination. Resorts and hotels are due to change as inventory is updated constantly.

- Booking, upgrades, changes and cancellations may be made or purchased through the fulfillment center, calling

1-888-257-2311 and applicable fees may apply.

- Purchaser MUST present a proper form of identification upon arrival at the resort (driver’s license, passport, credit card, or other official documentation).

- Some resorts are eligibility-specific (age/income/single/married/cohabiting); purchasers are advised to seek more information prior to or at the time of booking their reservation(s).

- All customers are required to take a sixty to ninety-minute VIP presentation tour of each resort the buyer is traveling to (This presentation is mandatory and If you do not tour in the required locations you will be charged a (no-show) penalty).

- Upon check in two forms of ID will be required (Valid Driver’s License, major credit card, or passport). It is the customer’s responsibility to update any inaccurate information listed in your purchase order before booking reservations.

- All vacation packages require a minimum of forty-five advance booking prior to travel dates and ninety days advance booking if traveling during major holidays. (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve/ Day, Spring Break, Easter Week, and July 4th.). Holiday/Peak season fees may apply based on availability and location.

- In the event customer is unable to use any portion of this travel package for any reason, including but not limited to (nature, weather strikes, mechanical failure, civil unrest, disease, environment, government restrictions, or acts of God, any monies paid, not including the original package price, will be applied as future credit to be used for future travel.)

- Customers may change or cancel reservations with a minimum two-week notice prior to check-in date without penalty due to an emergency (proper documentation will be required). Any upgrades, resort fees or add on purchased will be held as credit towards a future stay.

- Changes to your reservation included but are not limited to changes to itinerary, date change, change in number of travelers, etc. May result in a new contract being issued to accommodate changes or cancellations.

- This contract is for the purchase of a vacation certificate and puts all assignees on notice of the consumers’ right to cancel under section 559.933 Florida Statuses. All purchases are sold on a Non-Refundable basis however in accordance with Florida Statute 559.933, we do provide a 30-day warranty period.

- I understand that all booking fees including, but not limited to holiday season, peak season, booking cancellation, airport transportation, and resort taxes are non-refundable and will be applied if unused, as credit toward future travel.


- Any false information given by the Customer, for qualification purposes, will result in the forfeiture of travel packages purchased and customer agrees to pay the full rate of their resort stay if disqualified from the resort tour.

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